Bitumen emulsion

Bitumen emulsion and its application in the field of road construction, waterproofing of buildings and structures, protection against corrosion of pipelines require the fulfillment of several mandatory conditions. This is due to the need to use bitumen at the lowest possible viscosity, which is provided by heating. But after it there are other difficulties that are related to the overall energy efficiency of the process, a reduction in fire safety and an increase in labor costs.

Cold technologies


In the last decade, bitumen emulsion has significantly strengthened its position in the building materials market. This substance is a dark brown color and a liquid state. It is obtained by mixing bitumen and water with the addition of emulsifiers. They are necessary so that the bonding of bitumen particles does not occur between themselves. There are two types of emulsifiers: cationic and anionic. The emulsions obtained on the basis of these additives are also appropriately named.


colloid mill For grinding bitumen in the preparation of bitumen emulsion, in most cases, colloidal mills are used – devices that allow to obtain particles of colloidal dimensions by passing the processed substance through the hole between the rotor and the stator. Briefly, the algorithm for the production of bitumen emulsion can be represented as follows:


   Heating tap water (softened) to 50 ° C;

   Mixing of water with prescription additives;

   Heating of bitumen to 150 ° C;

   Supply of emulsifier and bitumen solution to a colloid mill with the help of dosing pumps;

   Dispersing of bitumen in a colloid mill and the formation of bitumen emulsion;

   Feed the emulsion into a storage tank or container.


Main advantages


Bitumen emulsion has a number of advantages over road bitumen, which require preheating before use. Among the most significant we highlight:


   reduction of energy and labor costs due to refusal of heating;

   economy of bitumen;

   ecological compatibility;

   fire safety;

   possibility of application on wet surfaces (extension of the season of road construction works).


The builders estimate that, on average, the use of bitumen emulsions will save bitumen by up to 30% and reduce energy costs by 1.5 times in comparison with hot technologies.

Types of work with the use of bitumen emulsion


Bitumen emulsion is widely used in the following types of work:


   the device of thin-layer coatings of “Slirri Sil” type;

   surface treatment of roads;

   priming at construction of constructive layers of road clothes;

   the arrangement of layers of road clothes by the impregnation method;


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